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20.91 Lbs,3.7"-7.3", 8 Pairs, Natural Quartz Geodes @Morocco, Wholesale,B10633

20.91 Lbs,3.7"-7.3", 8 Pairs, Natural Quartz Geodes @Morocco, Wholesale,B10633

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20.91 Lbs,3.7"-7.3", 8 Pairs, Natural Quartz Geodes @Morocco, Wholesale,B10633

Weight: About 20.91 Lbs

Measurements, such as size may not be 100% accurate. Although I measured them one by one, but sometimes it is difficult to get 100% accurate due to the size and nature/shape of the crystal. But, should be close estimate. 

Stone Origin: Morocco 

Measurement Conversion:

  • 1 Inch = 25.4 mm 
  • 1 Inch = 2.54 cm 
  • 1 cm = 10 mm  

Buyer will receive the exact item as pictured! Look at images carefully before purchase. Both pieces as shown in the photos will be shipped. It is actually 8 full geodes, but broken into 2 pieces. The Pepsi bottle is for presentation only and does not come with the order. 

 ** We never enhance images. This is natural stone and normal images. 

This was a natural calcite/quartz rock broken in two pieces and inside is a geode. Some people call it quartz geode and some call it calcite geode. The geode edges may have small missing parts, not broken perfectly, edges maybe damaged slightly and many other imperfections. Simply because it was broken by hammer, not machine. So, expect minor imperfections. When you take it out of the shipping box or open it, small residuals and pieces will fall off from inside if you hold it up. That is normal because these are natural rough crystals not polished. If you put them back, the edges may not fit back 100% due to broken edges of each geode. 

Actual item may differ slightly than the images due to image quality, lightning, resolutions, contrast, zooming, computer screens, and many other factors. However, in most cases, actual items look better than the images.

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