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1000g (2.2 lbs), 1"-1.6",26pcs, Nephrite Jade Tumbled @Afghanistan, B29913

1000g (2.2 lbs), 1"-1.6",26pcs, Nephrite Jade Tumbled @Afghanistan, B29913

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1000g (2.2 lbs), 1"-1.6",26pcs, Nephrite Jade Tumbled @Afghanistan, B29913

Length: About 1"  - 1.6"

Width: About 0.8" - 1.3"

Thickness: About 0.6" - 1"

Origin: Afghanistan 

Made in: Afghanistan  


  • 1 inch = 2.54 cm 
  • 1 cm = 10 mm 
  • 1 inch = 25.4mm 

Buyer will receive the exact item as pictured. Look at all images carefully before purchase. If you need more quality, let us know, we may have similar quality.  Some listings include short video after the main photo or first photo 

Look at images carefully. Crack looking lines, fractures looking lines are common and normal in natural crystals. Parts of the item might be uneven, unpolished, not as smoothed, dents, rustic, chipped and may have inclusions..etc. The item may not be fully, glassy or shiny polished, might be semi polished or not as smooth. Those things are very common in natural stones. Imperfections are very normal in these types of products & handmade. Pay attention to the tips and sides like edges. 

Actual item may differ slightly than the images due to image quality, lightning, resolutions, contrast, zooming, computer screens, and many other factors. However, in most cases, actual items look better than the images.

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